spirit_maze (spirit_maze) wrote in thefuckingkids,

"SPIRIT MAZE" project (darkwave/gothic/industrial/newage)

I write music for various local projects, besides I have the basic project under the name " Spirit Maze ". I started to be engaged in it since 2001... have written down 2 albums but still them was not issued on one label. The first album is made in 2002г in style " industrial-noise dark electrionic ", the Second album (already on quality on the order is higher) has been made in style "gothic/darkwave". Now I work above a material to 3th to an album and I plan to be let be released on any label (can Irond?)... Also I try myself in such spheres as drum'n'bass, industrial, hip-hop
If the additional information that is necessary write on moselle@inbox.ru, or visit my page where you also can find the reference to my albums (in quality for acquaintance)
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